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Business Up Front, Bonner in the Back

(By YetiVedder)

Yahoo! Sports – A young San Antonio Spurs fan faces an in-school suspension on Thursday if he doesn’t somehow find a way to alter the image of Matt Bonner that was shaved into the back of his head. You read the previous sentence correctly. The Spurs forward, who is averaging just 14.6 minutes per game in the postseason, has apparently made such an impact on Woodlake Hills Middle School student Patrick Gonzalez that the youngster decided to have a hairstylist shave an image of the Spurs sharpshooter into the back of his haircut. Above is the image that has the principals at Woodlake Hills Middle School in righteous fear of the apparently inevitable anarchy and lawlessness in the school halls that will result if Gonzalez comes to school on Thursday without changing the haircut. (Read the rest of the story here.)

This may be the greatest haircut ever!  I wish more kids would get NBA 8th men shaved into their heads!   This is truly a thing of genius!  You know a Celts fan will have Stiemsma on the back of their heads in no time.  I am demanding it!  If you are a REAL Celts fan that wants them to win, you will shave Greg Stiemsma’s face into the back of your head.  I am actually pondering getting Josh McRoberts shaved into my dome!  Ladies will flock!

Two things…  If this kid gets suspended for this it may be the dumbest suspension in the history of the world.    Also imagine being this kid’s barber?  You want Matt Bonner?  DONE!  This barber has talent out the ass!  Get him his own reality show where he just shaves D-list celebs into the back of people’s heads.  I would watch that show! Kevin Federline?  No problem!  Flava Flav? Easy peasy!  There are just so many options!

Who would you want shaved into the back of your head?  Personally, I am going with Buddy from Charles in Charge.

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