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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit: Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

How has it taken me thing long to find this Ricky the Dragon Steamboat video?

I have always wanted to practice with the masters and become a ninja, but it is very difficult for a yeti to be stealth.  Ricky The Dragon Steamboat was pretty much living in hell.

One minute he is casually talking to Mean Gene and the next minute ninjas come out of nowhere and start attacking him!

Luckily, he is a professional wrestler and can easily fight off ninjas! … These have to be the worst ninjas in the world.

First of all, what kind of ninjas attack in broad daylight? That is why you wear black, ninja man!

Second, there are two or three of them attacking Ricky the Dragon Steamboat at one time, yet they never win!  I’d say have Steamboat teach them how to become a ninja!

One thing I learned from watching this video is that ninja school seems pretty easy and scripted if you ask me!

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