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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! Wrestler Yeti Vedder

I was hoping to never have to write this one.

This video was something I was hoping would never come out about me.

Thanks for nothing Jimmy Hart!!!

This is why I have a love for professional wrestling. Once upon a time, Yeti Vedder was a wrestler. I simply went by Yeti in those days, or as Tony Schiavone called me, “the Yettay.”

This was way before I came out with my ukulele album. I am not always proud of my wrestling days because I was a force. I have nightmares of tearing opponents limb from limb. It’s all still real to me!

John Cena could easily see me. CM Punk was simply a punk.

As you can see by my double hug submission move, Hulk Hogan could never keep up with the Yeti. We hugged him so hard that night, I still can’t sleep and Hulk had to go on to make horrible reality TV and sex tapes!!!

So this article is close to my heart because it’s still real to me. It’s always still real to me, dammit!

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