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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! – 5.22.12

(By YetiVedder)

I thought last week’s song couldn’t be topped!  How the hell was this not a number one hit?!  I mean, these lyrics are super deep!  If James Dean were alive, you know he’d be there!  That t-shirt needs to be made!  How do you know something is cool?  If James Dean were alive he’d be there!  I get it. Hawk and Animal and I agree.   This song honestly sounds like they played the sample beat on a Casio and had a 3rd-grader write a poem about them.  My only question is when does the next album come out?

I remember as a kid for Halloween one year, I dressed up as the Road Warriors.  I used the football pads and spikes.  I should have worn skin tight t-shirts and spiked dog collars!  THERE IS GONNA BE A RUMBLE TONIGHT!  GONNA BE SOME TROUBLE TONIGHT!  Bravo Road Warriors!  I just wish they made a follow up album, but I guess once you perform perfection, why try it again?

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