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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! – 6.26.12

(By YetiVedder)

This one is just pure awesome!  First you have Jake The Snake Roberts with his wife just making out and keeping his snake around.  Hey wife, slip me some tongue!  Ignore the 14 foot python rapped around me!  When Jake wants to get down, Jake gets down!  I’m pretty sure his wife was on the cover of every Vidal Sassoon hair styles book from 1983-1989!

Now the Rick Rude part really takes that cake!!!   Not only is he pelvic thrusting with Cheryl’s face on his crotch, but he ends his little snippet by pretty much saying that Jake can keep his snake if his wife just sits on his face. Remember that this is something I watched as a 12 year old!  I must say as an adult I think it is pure genius!  I am just going to start showing up to friend’s houses with pictures of a friend’s wife on my pants.  Oh who is that on my pants???  It’s your wife…  NBD!   You like?  Seriously those pants are better then anything I have worn in a long, long time.  It looks like Rick Rude is trying not to laugh!  If anyone wants to go 50-50 on a store that put’s people’s faces on the front of your pants, let me know.  I’m smelling the big bucks!

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