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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! – 7.16.12

(By YetiVedder)

This week is quick and to the point.  First off, it looks like Corporal Kirschner, K-I-R-S-C-H-N-E-R, has a very tough time swimming.  It may not have been the best idea to have this guy swim to look tough!  His fighting words are simply the best!  My guess is he didn’t want to say much because he was out of breath from swimming and spelling his last name!  It would be much easier to breathe if you didn’t have that knife in your mouth WHILE you swam!!!

Do you know how many fights I have been in when someone tells me to get ready?  Too many to even keep track of.  Yeti Vedder was born ready!  Y-E-T-I  V-E-D-D-E-R!  Get ready!

P.S. Does anyone REALLY remember this guy?   This totally could just be some fan that made this!!!  Which would make this even better!!!

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