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It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! – 5.7.12

(By YetiVedder)

This video is priceless!   The only reason I put the picture up above this was so that you could see what these guys looked like.  Demolition were a bad ass tag team.  Sure they completely ripped off the Road Warriors, but they were still scary looking!  Now you have this video.  It starts with this weird old man who could possibly be driving around in a van with a wizard on the side giving out free candy, interviewing what seems to be a wrestling fan with a VIP pass to no where talking about how the fan’s car was repossessed.   Thank god the fan brought some muscle just in case he has to fight!   Little did we know the muscle would be two bloated old men with their face painted.  You know, like that embarrassing dad at a football game claiming to be the home team’s biggest fan?   Grown men should never wear face paint.  That should be a law!

There has to come a time when you just say no to doing something.  Not Demolition!  You need us there with our faces painted at the age of 60?  No, we haven’t worked out in years and we’re going bald now, but we’ll be there!  I really enjoy when Ax or Smash (I don’t know which is which, so we’ll say the old fat guy on the right) tells Mr. VIP  he will be in deep doo doo.  Nothing says angry tough guy like “deep doo doo.”  I mean, he could have used ka ka or poopy…  but he went fighting words on us and said deep doo doo.  If I saw these two guys out and about, I would either think they were adult juggalos or on their way to a mime conference!  So thank you wrestling gods for allowing this to be posted!  Demolition is still as intimidating as ever!!!

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