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It’s Still To Real Me, Dammit! – 7.2.12

(By YetiVedder)

Happy Birthday America!  What better way to start the week of July 4th then with the most patriotic song ever written!   No more National Anthem!  Real American should be sang before every sporting event!  Talk about getting you pumped up to be an American!  As a kid I used to train, say my prayers, and eat my vitamins to be just like Hulk!   Little did I know I just needed steroids and the greatest song ever to bless these ears!  Can you imagine coming down to the ring to this tune and losing!  STEP OFF!

Happy Birthday America!  Now get ready to blow shit up, drink some beers and grill some meat!!!  No better way to celebrate!  Oh here is an idea!!!  BLAST THIS TUNE!!!!  It will help your party!  Yeti Vedder guarantee!!!

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