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Pay The Man! Josh Hamilton to the Red Sox!

It’s my favorite time of year.  The NFL is right smack dab in the middle, NBA is starting up, NHL is…  Oh…  Oh…   AND it is MLB Hot Stove season!  Free agents and trades happen!  The Red Sox get to start all over again after 2 years of the most miserable baseball ever!  They officially got rid of some of the bad and now it is time to add the new.

The Red Sox need a lot to happen in the offseason, but there is one move I want to see them do.  Sure I want them to re-sign Papi and trade Jacoby for something of value..Things that I will touch on throughout this wonderful hot stove season.  BUT there is something that I think this team needs and could get by simply adding a player.

I want the Red Sox to sign Josh Hamilton. The rumor is that he is looking for at LEAST 5 years and $100 million.  I say the Sox would be insane not to sign him for that.  They now have the money and his bat is simply one of the best in baseball.  He is in the conversation with Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout as the best player in baseball and right now you don’t have to give up anything to get him. You just have to pay the man!  SO PAY HIM!

I know he comes with baggage, but don’t we all have our demons?  His are better known than anyone I know.  That is why the critics say Boston would be horrible for him.  I say, but would it?

In Boston’s media market Hamilton wouldn’t be able to sniff a beer without it being on every radio and TV broadcast within 15 minutes!  We knew that our clubhouse ate KFC for Christ’s sake!  I know that shit has 11 herbs and spices, but it is CHICKEN!!!

If Hamilton did anything crazy we would know!  So put a clause in his contract.  A way out.  He becomes Charlie Sheen again, he loses the money.  Get him a baby sitter.  I would do it for some money!  I have friends that would do it for freaking Sox tickets!!!

The Sox need that bat in the lineup.  Remember the days of Manny and Papi?  Imagine Papi and Hamilton?  That would be an insane 1-2 punch!

So my note to the Red Sox about Josh Hamilton — Simply “PAY THE MAN!”

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