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Mixed Emotions

(By YetiVedder)

If you have read this blog at all you know that I am a die hard Red Sox fan.  I write about them in the Mind Of The Yeti every week.  The Sox were part of me growing up.  One of my friends and I have a joke that the only reason we are friends is because of our love of baseball and the Red Sox.  This is probably sad, but true.

I have had mixed emotions about this team since the start of the year.  I was so angry at the way last season ended.  I hated the way the team just gave up on Terry Francona after all he gave to the franchise.  I hated the way the pitching was so god awful that they would have been better off putting the ball on a tee!  I hated the way David Ortiz burst into press conferences complaining about whether or not he had an RBI taken away from him.  It was just a bunch of rich players acting spoiled and I longed for the days of my beloved idiots like Johnny Damon, Manny and Kevin Millar.

When this season started I still had that horrible taste in my mouth.  We signed no-name guys like Cody Ross and Vincente Padilla.  We traded good young talent like Jed Lowrie and Josh Reddick and got back guys with an injury prone past, who can’t pitch in big markets, and Ryan Sweeney.  We also gave away Marco Scutaro for a bag of balls.  The biggest signing was Bobby Valentine.  The manager?  Yes, the manager was this off-season’s biggest acquisition.  This, again, was very sad, but very true.

One dollar for each of these guys you can name!

I HATED this team.  I hated it with every bone in my body.  We still had the very entitled pitching staff.  We still had the same exact offensive players that pretty much gave up in September.  I didn’t care about the chicken and beer.  I cared that they had an attitude that what went down last year wasn’t a big deal.  They never mentioned that they played like a bag of flaming poo.  I hated the fact that no one cared enough to care!  SO why should I care?  We were bringing back the same team.  So I had no choice but to start the season hating this team.  Of course I also hated Bobby Valentine and here is why.

Terry Francona was like the girlfriend of that friend who seemed like the perfect couple and dated for 5 years.  You and your friends loved that chick.  Everyone thought they were getting married and she got along with everyone and then randomly one day they started fighting a lot and they broke up.  Two weeks later, he calls and says he has a new girlfriend.  Well that new girl was Bobby V.  No matter what he did we were always going to want that old girlfriend back around.  She was cool.  We knew her.  We were comfortable with her.  The new girl was not any of these things!  The new girl would claim crazy things like inventing the wrap!  I hated the new girl!   I hated Bobby V.

The season started just how I thought it would.  Unorganized.  A team that had no sense of direction and you could tell all the players still hated each other.  Then the injury bug hit.  Carl Crawford was first.  Andrew Bailey and then Jacoby.  Then Youk.  Then outfielder after outfielder.  BUT with the injuries something happened.  We brought in new guys and with new guys came a new attitude.  Not the best players, but guys that are great in the clubhouse!  Marlon Byrd, Cody Ross, Ryan Sweeney, Vincente Padilla.  All guys that have done exactly what was asked of them.  Then my man crush came up from the minors.

Will Middlebrooks came up from Pawtucket and BOOM, the Sox started winning.  They looked like the were having fun.  Mike Aviles and Jarrod Saltalamcchia looked like players that cared and have played like all stars.  Adrian Gonzalez played the outfield without even a BOO HOO in the media.  David Ortiz looks like Papi of the glory years all over again!   Dustin Pedroia was…  Well he was always Pedroia!  The hitters were making me a happy, happy boy.

Does this team have flaws?  Absolutely!  Starting pitching is just awful and in my opinion the staff needs a face lift.  Keep Lester, Bard and Doubront.  Send Buchholz back to AAA until he finds himself again.  Maybe the kick in the ass will do him some good.  Trade Josh Beckett.  He is a poison on this team and as much as we think he is an ace, he is a number 2 starter now.  Maybe even number 3.  So we will be just fine without him.

Last year’s team was supposed to win 150 games and take over the world.  This team had low expectations and was supposed to go no where, but they are turning heads.  I still would trade Kevin Youkilis and Josh Beckett.  Get some different pitching in here and let Will The Thrill develop with no veteran pressure!  That is just me though.  But this team has a ton of potential and still has Jacoby, Carl Crawford (yippee), Daisuke and Andrew Bailey all coming back!  So as much as I hated this Boston Red Sox squad….  they are starting to grow on me.

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