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MLB 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms – AL Central Edition


Will the action on the field be as SMOKING as the uniforms worn before the games in the AL Central?

The third installment of this majestic series is upon us and this time I’ll be taking a look at the AL Central.  The Central has some of the most tradition in baseball with their youngest team being 43 years old (Kansas City), and the four other teams having already hit the century+ mark.  Tons of color schemes and history to work with here.

Check out my take on the AL East BP uniforms here, and the NL East BP uniforms here.  Don’t be afraid to share the love with your friends and family! Without further adieu…


NL Central Batting Practice Uniforms Breakdown

Some of the best uniforms in baseball are only seen during batting practice or spring training.


Chicago White Sox 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xsox_uni-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jkfkvSFBZ_Chicago stayed traditional with their uniforms this year, and I don’t hate it.  You don’t have to go nuts to look good and the ChiSox are proving it.  I wouldn’t mind an all-black cap to replace the silver brim, and I think a silver collar rather than the all-black would look nice, but I’m just nit-picking.

Grade: B+


Cleveland Indians 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xindians_uni-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.XucG-W7IJ_The Indians are going to look better during batting practice than Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn ever could have hoped for.  The colors are hot and the “C” on the panel of the hat is minimal and sexy.  Just for good measure add in the Indian on the left sleeve and the Indians will look good at the bottom of the standings again.

Grade: A-


Detroit Tigers 2013 Batting Practice Jerseys

590x462xtigers_uni-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Og3ZYwc293Detroit, Michigan, is an awful city. Drove through it once and I literally felt unsafe the whole time. None of that has any bearing on this blog, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Awful city.

Anywho, Jim Leyland and the Tigers have winning down to a science and the team’s designer has things figured out too.  I love that the Tigers went with home and away uniforms and both are on fire.  The blue and white home jerseys look crisp and clean and the blue and orange roads with the gray paneled hat is a show stopper. All around brilliant design.

Grade: A

Kansas City Royals 2013 Batting Practice Jerseys

590x462xroyals_uni-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bhZp7yC9L2Does anything really stand out about Kansas City besides the barbecue. You just never really hear anyone talk about Kansas City, or Kansas, or Missouri, for that matter.

I guess in that sense these uniforms really grasp the personality of the town, but they do nothing for me. I also feel like there is nothing about the uniforms to hate either though. Oh well, we won’t see them that often anyway.

Grade: B-

Minnesota Twins 2013 Batting Practice Jerseys

590x462xtwins_uni-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.RlSmiiZHNtKeeping up with the Jones’ of the AL Central, the Twins have some handsome uniforms to sport while taking cuts in the batting cages. With one jersey for both home and away games, Minnesota will get their variety with different colored hats.

The home caps look classic with a “Twin City” logo on a white background with red brim, while the away hats feature the same logo on a red background with blue brim.  As a fashionista, I can tell you that these color schemes are hot.

Grade: A-

Joe Mauer, MLB Batting Practice Jerseys

Twins C Joe Mauer, a native son to Minnesota, sports the Twins’ batting practice jerseys … during batting practice. Photo Credit: Century Club

Solid showing from the AL Central today, with the division collectively making the Dean’s List. Join me next time, when I break down the former home of the Houston Astros, the NL Central.

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