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MLB 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms – AL EAST Edition

David Price, MLB Batting Practice Uniforms

This could be reigning AL Cy Young winner David Price’s last spring training in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform. Photo Credit: Don Johnson 395

Uniforms are uniforms and often times, teams are scared to have fun with the day-to-day ballpark uni. Batting Practice uniforms, however, are a different story altogether. Teams pull out all the stops for their BP unis and tend not to worry about being retro, ridiculous, or downright offensive.

I’ll be going Division by Division over the next couple of weeks covering all of the new batting practice caps and jerseys, including the good, the bad, and the downright uggo.

Just in time for the warm weather …

Division-by-Division Batting Practice Uniforms Breakdown

AL East

Baltimore Orioles Batting Practice Uniforms


I love Baltimore’s BP cap! The mascot on the front of the cap seems to be a popular choice this year and it works for many different teams. The home uniform is sharp and gives you all the orange your heart can stomach. I don’t really like the away uniform at all though, I think B’more would have been better suited sticking with a single home and away jersey like many other teams did.

Grade: B, even though the road jersey sucks.

P.S. The Orioles mascot is called “The Oriole Bird”. Clever.

Boston Red Sox Batting Practice Uniforms


I’d prefer the Red Sox stick with the all blue caps rather than opting for the red brim, but you can’t argue with the classic simplicity that this uniform provides.  Not quite taking advantage of the creativity allotted for BP unis so Boston loses some points there, but you just can’t argue with handsome.  Well done.

Grade: B+

New York Yankees Batting Practice Uniforms


You don’t mess with perfection. You can’t. It’s like painting teeth on the Mona Lisa, or giving Michelangelo’s David a more flattering penis — seems like a good idea, but people end up hating you for it.

The Yankees stayed classy with the jersey, other than the white and gray down the side, which is expected for a BP uni, but they screwed the pooch when they added grey and white to the brim of the hat. You’re the Yankees — you don’t get to be creative.  What’s next? Leaving the stickers and tags on?  Turning the hat sideways and leaving the brim flat?

Grade: C+

Tampa Bay Rays Batting Practice Uniforms


If you didn’t love this jersey and cap combo from the moment you set eyes on it, well then, you can geeeeet out! This is just absolutely gorgeous, and until I googled it, I had no idea what the hell was on the hat (even though the answer is right inside of the logo across the chest of the jersey). This is the creativity I’m talking about. I’m willing to bet Tampa Bay has some pretty sweet giveaways at their ball games.

Grade: A

P.S. Does powder blue ever get old? Nope.

Toronto Blue Jays


Another home run. Canada doesn’t do much right — at all — but apparently they dominate the BP uniform game because the Jays are going to rock these caps. The maple leaf logo on a solid blue background is a HUGE upgrade from the cursive “T” on a black background seen in previous years.

The Jays have had one of the more impressive offseasons in recent memory, and they certainly aren’t going to be showing off their nine-figure roster in 6-figure threads.

Grade: A


That’s it for the East side of the American League. Stick around, and next time when I will break down the East side of the NL, including some of the most racist BP unis EVER!

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  1. David Gonos
    March 3, 2013

    Eff the Phillies. I do like the Marlins uni’s tho.

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