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MLB 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms – NL East Edition

Can Strasburg and the Nationals outlast perennial power Atlanta for a second straight year?

Can Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals outlast perennial power Atlanta for a second straight year?

Back for Round 2? Thanks for joining me.

This time we are taking a look at the 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms being sported by the clubs in the NL East.

In my last installment, I mentioned that some of the uniforms are kind of (definitely) offensive. Well, I’ll show you what I’m talking about today.

NL East 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms Breakdown

Some of the best uniforms in baseball are only seen during batting practice or spring training.

Atlanta Braves 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xbraves-jersey-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic._rj5IvXbc4As I’ve said before, the great thing about 2013 batting practice uniforms is the ability of the designer to think out of the box. Teams can — and often do — take chances that are celebrated by fans.

Consider Atlanta’s batting practice hat a “chance” taken. Can’t help but feel that Native Americans wont take too kindly the “Screaming Savage” displayed prominently across the front panel. Maybe not the best decision from a PR standpoint.

Also, I didn’t make up “Screaming Savage” — that’s cross-my-heart-and-swear-to-die what the mascot is called. All that being said, I am not Native American, and therefore not offended. I love the uniforms. The hat, while a terrible idea, looks incredible and is a throwback to Atlanta’s heyday. Great job.

Grade: A-

Miami Marlins 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xmarlins_jersey-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Heley0Va20Straight Fire. No other way to describe these uniforms. The Marlins had an incredibly disappointing season last year following a blockbuster offseason, but you can’t say they didn’t look good while sucking. Love the hats, love the jerseys, the colors are teeming with the Cuban influence that engulfs Miami. Straight Fire.

Grade: A

New York Mets 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xmets_jersey-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.sKwcBFRXtBI like a lot about this uniform, but I just can’t get over how awful Mr. Met looks on the front panel of the cap. Just ruins the whole uniform.

The worst part is that I have no idea what the hell Mr. Met is. Is he some kind of superhero? Like, he was just a normal kid playing baseball in the rain when he got struck by lightning and woke up with a giant baseball head. 

Mr. Met’s only real power is the ability to scare children and ruin uniforms. Too bad, really. The solid blue jerseys with the orange piping on the sleeve looks handsome. The Mets just can’t win.

Grade: B-

Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xphillies-jersey-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IHVepphQZyBoring. Not much else to say. Boring jersey, boring hats.  

I’m already trying to figure out how I am going to justify liking the Nationals’ uniforms next, when I hate these so much.

I can’t come up with much, but I will say that the blue the Phillies use looks awful with the red. Also, the hats are gross.

Grade: C-

Washington Nationals 2013 Batting Practice Uniforms

590x462xwashington_jersey-590x462.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Y4dul3GxfxI like the uniforms and I’m not sure why. Washington has a very similar design to Philadelphia’s with a few caveats that, I think, make all the difference. 

First, the Washington “W” is much less annoying over the left breast than “Phillies” going all across the chest. 

Second, the Nationals blue is much easier on the eyes than Philadelphia’s, and it goes much better with the red.

Finally, and probably the most influential, is Washington’s hats. The white front panel with the red brim looks solid. Looking good boys.

Grade: B+

Stay tuned for the AL and NL Central Divisions, as well as the 2013 batting practice uniforms of the AL and NL West.

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