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Real Men Cry!

(By YetiVedder)

When I watched this speech by Andy Murray it really moved me.  It must have been so hard for this guy to lose in his home country on his home court and then to cry on top of it???  Whew!!!  I..Was…Very…Close…To…Tears…  People always say there is no crying in sports, but when you can’t help it, you can’t help it!  So Yeti Vedder started thinking about the best cry baby soup’s he could think of in sporting history!  This is what he came up with.   WARNING!!!  YOU MAY WEEP LIKE A NEW BORN BABY!!!

This one is just not fair.  I mean Tony is his teammate!  He’s his quarterback!  T.O. has never been one to get overly emotional but man this day he wanted Tony Romo to know that he would cry over him.  He never cried over Donovan, Carson, Steve, Jeff, Ryan, or the QB for the Allen Wranglers.  Only Tony made the tears flow.

That is one wrinkled neck!  Big Mac just welling up because he had been holding in the secret of steroids all those years!  PSSSSST!  We all knew!

Is he out of breath?  A.I. we talking bout crying!  Not emotions! Not emotions!  We talking bout crying!

Did I miss one???  Feel free to add your favorite!

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