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Summing up Josh Beckett

[mlbvideo id=”24751697″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

(By YetiVedder)

A play like this sums him up perfectly!  He was probably doing his trot down the line, like he had accomplished something this season and then BANG!  You’re out.  I love that Beltran threw to first.  Beckett is just a lazy, washed up player that doesn’t care anymore.  It is as simple as that.  Five years ago this play doesn’t happen.  I can honestly say that I was happy this happened.  Most pitchers would have been pissed or thrown at Beltran, but not Joshy.  He is completely satisfied with grabbing that paycheck.  Thanks for taking him L.A.  Magic Johnson was already one of my favorite athletes of all time.  This deal clinched it!

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