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That’s That Shit I Don’t Like: Bad San Francisco Giants Fans

This started as a football-related column, but I have to switch it up and talk about bad San Francisco Giants fans for this week.

When any of my teams are winning, all I’m focused on is their achievements. However, for an all-too-high-for-me number of San Francisco Giants fans I know, it seems like, instead of celebrating success, they’re happier pointing out other team’s shortcomings.

This week’s rant was born from 10 words (well, nine and an acronym, if you want to get technical) that I posted Monday night on Facebook: “Watching the debate. I can get NLCS updates on Facebook.” This was an accurate statement because, at the time I published this sentence, I had posts from 18 friends (yes, I counted; and some had multiple entries) that were related to the Giants, who were up 7-0 at that point.

Seconds after my post was made, one Giants fan, who apparently thought I was disrespecting his beloved team, took an unnecessary verbal shot at my Atlanta Braves, a comment I immediately deleted. A few other Giants fans threw their two cents in about my Braves and got the same result. The first poster, obviously still upset, took the ultimate step and “unfriended” me.


Can someone please tell me where in my post I said anything hateful about the Giants or even the Cardinals? I’m pretty sure my friends who are St. Louis fans took no offense to it because there was nothing to take offense to.

Overall, my issue here is with “bad” Giants fans. By this, I mean the following:

* The ones who were quiet all season but suddenly have to let EVERYONE know their allegiance.

* The ones all on the bandwagon but can’t even tell you the starting lineup.

* The ones who you didn’t hear a peep from before the 2010 playoffs.

* The ones who, rather than just be happy for their team, make it a point to remind you that your team didn’t make it as far as theirs did.

Look, Giants fans, both bad and real, we get it. Your boys are good. They wouldn’t be in their second World Series in three years if they weren’t. I’ve always been one to give credit where credit is due. However, I am among several people who take issue with the in-your-face attitude from many Giants fans. Do I want you to not be proud or happy about your team’s accomplishment? HELL NO!! I know I rep my Braves to the fullest, and they haven’t won a Series since 1995. Win or lose, all fans should rep hard for their team. However, all you Giants fans need to understand that not everyone shares your enthusiasm. That said, don’t be mad at me or other non-Giants fans if we’re not celebrating with you. To quote Common in his song, “The 6th Sense,” “If I don’t like it, I don’t like it/That don’t mean that I’m hating.”

Also, Facebook is not KNBR or the San Francisco Giants Social Media Site. We don’t need all the play-by-play. Real fans (and probably some bad ones, too) are likely watching, listening to or tracking the game, so I’m sure they know what’s going on. Your updates every inning aren’t necessary. I’m sure there’s a Giants fan page or a private group you can join where no one will try to rain on your parade. The easiest way to get someone to not like something? Keep shoving it in their face. Baseball fans worldwide already hate the Yankees. Don’t make your team No. 2 on the list because I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.

I know “bad” Giants fans who fit any or all of the descriptions I mentioned earlier. What the bad fan doesn’t realize is that he/she is messing it up for the real Giants fans. Trust me, I know plenty of real fans: Here’s a shout out to Shahnawaz Khan, Patrick Bates, Jenn Jones, Joel Rosenbaum and Kelly Jones. That’s just a very small sample because I can’t sit here and name them all. As for you bad fans, I’m not putting your name out there. If you think for a second you fall into that category, you probably do.

This has gotten really long, so let me start closing up shop.

I honestly couldn’t care less who wins this Fall Classic. My Braves aren’t in it, nor do I have any money on it. However, if you put a gun to my head and said, “Choose,” I’d go with San Francisco for two reasons:

1. I’m a National League guy. Since the first Series I remember watching (1986, Mets over Red Sox), with the exception of two years, I’ve always pulled for the NL team.

2. I’m from Northern California. I’ve never done the research, but I have heard that a professional sports title brings money and prestige to an area. If that’s true, I have to go with my home region. I hear and read that Detroit would need any financial boost a lot more than the Bay Area does, but I have no connections to the Motor City, and I only know two Tigers fans — and one of those guys also likes the Giants; I wonder which one he’ll choose?

I’ll be watching the games at work but likely not on my free time. Should the Giants win it all, I’ll say congrats to all you fans, real and bad. Just don’t ask me to celebrate with you or be all in my grill about it.

Those of you who think that makes me a hater, that’s that shit I don’t like.

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One Comment on “That’s That Shit I Don’t Like: Bad San Francisco Giants Fans

  1. Richard Banas II
    October 24, 2012

    Amen, brother. That’s the kind of shit I like.

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