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That’s That Shit I Don’t Like: Fantasy Football Owners

I love that Carolina’s DeAngelo Williams wants to help find the cure. Fantasy owners would rather he find the end zone.

Let me start by saying that I’m still not on Twitter.

However, some clowns on the social networking site made themselves an easy target for the SacDaddy (thank you, losers!).

Who am I talking about? Fantasy football owners who decided to take their frustrations out on Carolina’s DeAngelo Williams. To say the Panthers running back had a bad game in Sunday’s home loss to the Seahawks is an understatement. Seattle’s defense held him to six yards on six carries and a fumble lost. He also finished the game with no catches. In short, he scored fantasy owners worldwide anywhere between 0 and -3 points, depending on the league’s scoring scale.

This didn’t sit well with several twits … I mean tweeters. CaffieneFiend was nice enough to log on and grab a few posts for me.

Some weren’t too bad:

@DeAngeloRB Fantasy Destroyer.

@DeAngeloRB get better at your job.

@DeAngeloRB it really doesn’t affect me cuz I wasn’t dumb enough to draft you, but you aren’t good at football #changejobs

However, some were pretty nasty:

@DeAngeloRB time to drop your bum ass off my fantasy team.

@danny_woodhead yo you gonna get at least 10 points next week for fantasy? im thinking of starting you over pussy deangelo williams.

@DeAngeloRB you fucking suck dick thanks for the -2 points asshole.

Rather than ignore the clown patrol, Williams responded via Twitter:

I don’t know if Williams thought about what he said before posting it, but he’s correct about one thing: Anyone who drafted Williams — and worse, played him — is, indeed, an idiot because Williams is not a good fantasy player, especially this season. He averages less than 35 yards per game and has just four receptions in 2012. Why would anyone think this would change now? The Panthers also have Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert at running back, but the team’s leading rusher is quarterback Cam Newton!

As a fantasy owner myself, I get being frustrated when your players don’t perform. However, what does putting said player on blast really accomplish?

My take: It just makes you look stupid, and I don’t understand why someone would try to holler at an athlete on Twitter.

Some of my faithful readers (all three of you) are probably like, “Hold on! Weren’t you gonna get on Twitter just to bitch at Metta World Peace?”

Yeah, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … that was different.

MWP knocked my player (James Harden) out of the game with a cheap shot and almost cost me $50. To hell with all y’all laughing at me right now. Times are tough! I needed that scratch!!! Anyway, my plan was to contact him privately first (if you can do that on the site) before dropping tears for all to see.

Long story short: Like my boy Eddie Brown from U-T San Diego said, no one should have drafted Williams. Period.

If you have Williams on your roster:
1. Drop him. Not now, but RIGHT NOW.
2. Let last week’s game be a lesson to you. He may have a few good games this season, but it’s not worth guessing when that will happen.

But, most importantly, stop making yourself look like an ass with these stupid posts. Cursing the dude out isn’t going to make him put up 100 yards and two scores every week. Why? He basically said himself that he’s no good.

You Fantasy Football owners want to keep playing him and bitch on Twitter? That’s that shit I don’t like.

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