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That’s That Shit I Don’t Like: Dallas Cowboys

(By SacDaddy82)

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some dope posts to read through …

(If you picked up on the above reference, you’re probably old.)

That’s right. Your favorite angry blogger is back! This will be the first of my new weekly segment on things that pissed me off during the week of NFL action. This week, much like the Chicago Bears did five times Monday night, I pick off the Dallas Cowboys.

I know. Why kick a team when they’re down? Well, this band of misfits is deserving of my wrath this week. That, and I’m tired of hearing every year that they are Super Bowl contenders only to see them underachieve (kinda sounds like my San Diego Chargers, who I’m sure will piss me off later this season; we’ll save them for another week). Just because the owner has Scrooge McDuck money and the team plays in a palace doesn’t mean success is guaranteed.

So, why am I pissed at the Cowgirls?

* I do a weekly sheet where I pick the winners of each game. With only the MNF game left, I was in a 3-way tie. I needed the Cowboys to win and a combined score of 36 points or more. At 34-18, there were more than enough points scored. However, the Bears, a team that hasn’t beat anyone good this season, put the stomp down in Big D. My chance at $110 gone.

* In one fantasy league, I beat my opponent but had a chance to earn $20 for best score of the week. My only real challenger for the cash had the Bears defense. Five picks, two scores, a sack and 23 points later, the Jackson went to another team — by a whopping total of 2.7 points.

* In another league, despite the Cowboys getting crushed, one player showed up big time. Tight end Jason Witten had his best game since 2010 (13 rec., 112 yards, TD; good for 30.2 points). This caused me a loss — by 1.2 points.

In short, thanks a lot, Dallas. Thanks for nothing!

I’m done ranting now. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to bitch about next week.

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