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The Evolution of an Athlete

(By BluCowboy)

Yahoo- Ever wonder what 191 combined losses and watching Mark Reynolds play third base in the same infield can do to a soul trapped on the Baltimore Orioles? The progression of faces displayed by second baseman Robert Andino over the past three seasons tells the story.

This is a non-story.  This has nothing to do with losses, right?  Isn’t this how all athletes evolve through their careers?  You start off starry-eyed and thrilled to be playing on a major league club.  The bright lights and cheers of the fans engross you while you go out there and play your ass off.  A year later the luster has worn off but you still count your blessings because you grew up in a Miami ghetto and playing in the crab infested shit-hole that is Baltimore sure beats shoving condoms full of cocaine up your ass and dealing with Ozzie Guillen’s blatant disregard for culture.  By year three however, you are completely entitled and begin to look around and you see players hovering over the Mendoza-line making 8-figures while you struggle to afford the gold plating of your heated toilet seat.  Shit’s a grindand at the end of the day all you can hope for is clear piss tests and a date with Madonna.

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