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This Isn’t the 1960s

(By Made4TVMovie)

Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t the 1960s, but sometimes I feel as if the world hasn’t evolved much past that.

Last night, the Washington Capitals finally won a Game 7, against the defending champions Boston Bruins, in one of the best playoff hockey series that I have seen in a while. But that was quickly overshadowed by the pure racist and defeated comments by the Boston Bruins fans. Joel Ward, one of the few African-American players in the National Hockey League, scored for the Caps in OT to have them advance to the second round by a score of 2-1. Following that goal, the social media world exploded with posts, tweets and comments degrading and belittling Ward, not because the Capitals won, but because a black player scored the winning goal.

In a league with rich history and worldwide culture, it makes me scratch my head that a city like Boston, with its own rich hockey heritage and cultural competence, would respond to a great series with such racist and disgusting comments. Ward, who is handling this situation like a champ by the way, said he wasn’t fazed by all of this hubbub, and that his teammates were behind him all the way. He also commented that he has no animosity towards Boston because of what has been said.

I understand the heat and passion of the moment, and I know that New England fans take their sports in a way that only they can comprehend, but come on. I know we all have been on the losing end of something at one point in our lives, but to respond the way that these fans have is just downright juvenile. Use the lessons that we have learned in our lives to re-shape the future and not give ammunition to the future generations that look at us like idiots. In a society where, in a blink of an eye, those responses and reactions are at the tip of your fingers for the entire world to see, just take a second to think. I know that’s hard for some of you, but try it sometime and you will be amazed at what happens.

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