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Trading Places

(By YetiVedder)

I love trade talk just as much as the next sports fan. This week I have been walking around with a regular sports fan hard on with all the talks surrounding my teams. Between Dwight Howard being traded to the Lakers and Carl Crawford being mentioned in talks for Hanley Ramirez, it is like Christmas came early for me. I can only imagine it has to be tough on the athlete. Think about it. The sporting world is the only place where you can simply be uprooted and traded to a different team. Imagine teaching in Massachusetts and the principal walking into your classroom and saying you were traded to a school in Minnesota for a college kid and future considerations? It is a crazy, crazy thing.

Anyways seeing that 2 of my favorite organizations are involved in these trade talks I figured you would want to hear what Yeti Vedder has to say about it. Let me start with the Dwight Howard talks.

Andrew Bynum is a very talented center. Howard and Bynum pretty much have the same numbers, so why trade for Howard? Andrew Bynum had fights with coach Mike Brown about shooting 3’s and was simply just an immature guy. Umm… If I recall didn’t Dwight Howard cause chaos in the Magic organization last year? Didn’t he get his coach and GM fired??? So far this is a complete wash. Andrew has bad knees and Dwight has a bad back. Wash! The main difference is that Dwight is more defensive minded and Andrew is more offensive minded. Let me simply say this… Would I want Dwight Howard in a Lakers uniform? Yes. Would I be mad if this trade doesn’t happen? No. I think that Howard and Bynum are virtually the same player with Dwight having a little more defensive talent, but maybe this is what the Lakers need. A couple of new bodies in there to give them a new look. Steve Nash, Kobe, Antwan Jamison (a sneaky great signing), and Pau with either one of these centers makes us a pretty outstanding squad. Add Metta World War to the mix for a little bit of crazy and we have ourselves a basketball team. So my outlook on this trade? Get Howard to simply shake things up a bit.

NOW… Carl Crawford for Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell. This one is easy for me. Bye Carl. I am actually a huge Carl Crawford fan, but this Sox team is stacked with left handed hitting. I will gladly take a right handed bat. Hanley is friendly with Big Papi, so that would make him happy. Plus even if we eat some of the contract we wouldn’t be under the contract of Carl Crawford for 7 more years. Admit Theo’s mistake and move on. Carl Crawford is a fantastic clubhouse guy, but mixed in with these jerks he is miserable.  As much as I would love to see them trade Beckett and Lester for a quality player, I have a feeling these talks are just that. Talks.  The Sox will do nothing and I will be an angry, angry Yeti Vedder!!!


* Dwight Howard will be a Laker within a week.

* Carl Crawford will be with the Sox all seven years.

* Josh Beckett will always be a douche and torture the Sox for the rest of his contract.

* The biggest move the Sox make at the deadline is getting two or three more plaques up as we lead the league in those.

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