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The Mind Of The Yeti: Disorganized Thoughts

This is Yeti Vedder coming at you with his disorganized thoughts, live and in full effect!

Sometimes my thoughts are just bizarre, while other times you might be thinking the same damn thing! Turn me up in my headphones and drop that beat, because Yeti Vedder is about to spit some hot fire!

Just posing for pics again. The life of a celebrity.

*  Did you feel the earthquake in New England yesterday?  That was when Yeti Vedder was making love to all of you!

* Halloween is the time of year where it is okay to walk around with blood splattered all over your shirt. So it’s an aspiring murderer’s favorite time of year.


* Felix Baumgartner is the Daredevil that made the 23-mile leap from space. It is also a name no one will know in 2 months. From this photo is he in a Boy Band or a Daredevil?


* I think the fans at the game should chant Tebow every time the Jets have the ball.


* Old School Jam Of The Week: “This Is How We Do It,” by Montell Jordan. I thank the gods of smooth R&B every day for this song because I would have never known how to do it. It also is a great song to sing any time something awesome happens with your friends.


*  Soooo Farmhand (didn’t know that job title still existed) Carlos Romero was arrested for a sexual act with a miniature donkey named Doodle in the state of Florida.  His quote to police was, “I’ve never been a people person.”  From this video we also know that Carlos is brutally honest! I want Chris Hanson to start catching these guys in the act!!

* Shakira is pregnant. I hope her hips are childbearing and not liars.


* I know for a fact that Eliza’s hips do not lie. They passed the Yeti Vedder lie detector.


* Tweet Of The Week: Mr. Delonte West: @CharleeRedz13 Forreal though…don’t know bout ya Momas…but mine…she rather had the money…forget a gift…slid a few stacks in her acct. dis morn..


* I love local news reports!  Where do you find a story about a kid who all of a sudden sounds like a dog toy? Seriously, were dogs just chasing this kid as he walked down the street?  If this is your kid why do you want this on the news?  We let our kid swallow a whistle and now he can make a dog whistle noise.  Call Fox News!

* You go to see Argo. I’ll wait to go to my couch and watch it on HBO.


* Remember when Blockbuster Video was a booming business? I actually worked at one for a while and it was always packed. I’m going to open a mom and pop video rental place and just reap the benefits. Probably the benefits of owning a lot of movies, but that is pretty cool too!

* This is my favorite time of year for beers. The weather gets a little colder and the beers get a little darker. I love watching football with an ice cold pint of Guinness. I highly recommend Berkshire Brewing Company’s Shabadoo Black and Tan or Revival Brewing’s Double Black IPA. Both delicious!


* Where have you gone Mallory Keaton, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Any questions or comments on Yeti’s disorganized thoughts, and you can find Yeti on Twitter @YetiVedder. He’d love to hear from you!

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One Comment on “The Mind Of The Yeti: Disorganized Thoughts

  1. Virginia Wino
    October 17, 2012

    Nice…I had Tiggers/Gints series as well…Gints in 6

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