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The Mind of the Yeti

Yeti just taking some BP with penguins.

(By YetiVedder)

*  A wise man once said, “If you’re sliding into home and you feel something foam, diarrhea.”

*  I think that Glee is simply the worst show on television. I hate it with a passion.  The commercials annoy the crap out me!  Fox is thinking, you know what TV show football fans would love?  Glee?!?!?  I hate that they take popular songs and make them into horrible high school chorus versions and I was in high school chorus! I hate that they now TOUR with these horrible songs. I hate that they made a 3D movie that people saw!!! How about just listening to the real song or going to a good karaoke bar?

*  The New England Patriots looked pretty damn good week 1. Tom Brady even gets a face boo boo and literally just says in the most macho way that he likes getting battle scars! This team has a chip on its shoulder and I love it! The secondary is still a little shaky, but opposing Quarterbacks will have far less time to throw the ball with Mr. Jones chasing after them!

*  Week 2 prediction: Patriots 38 – Cardinals 10.

*  If I had to make a Mt. Rushmore of 80’s icons mine would consist of Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Huey Lewis, and Hall and Oates mainly so that someone would have to chisel Oates’ mustache out of rock.

*  How come musicians don’t write songs like We Are The World any more? Do we not have any good causes that need a song?


*  Speaking of songs, my jam of the week is Mumford and Sons, “I Will Wait.” This song is so good and every time I hear it I like it more and more. I would also love to see a show at Red Rocks.

 *  I know being a Red Sox fan hasn’t been fun this season, but wouldn’t it be great if they swept the Yankees in this series? A boy can dream.

*  How has no one made a chair that can talk? Like the one Pee-Wee Herman had at his play house. You have a bad day and Chairy was there to cheer/chair you up. You see what I did there?


*  In case no one has noticed, and from the looks of the stands you haven’t, but the Red Sox sellout streak is still going! They have less then 50% attendance at games, but the streak lives on! Pathetic!

*  On a lighter note, Dustin Pedroia has played spectacular baseball down the stretch for a team that was left for dead months ago. You can never say this guy doesn’t care!

*  If you could have one person host SNL who would you want it to be? I’m saying Dave Chappelle.

*  If you could have one person over your house for tickle pillow fights who would it be? Mine would be Eliza.

*  Are people really still into the Twilight crap? That wasn’t just a phase? I kind of hope those people really get attacked by vampires and werewolves! At least beat up by Harry Potter fans!

*  I watched Dodgeball over the weekend and forgot how funny that movie is. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn at their best! The name Patches O’Houlihan is simply a genius character name! Plus I have had a thing for Christine Taylor since she played Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch movies.

*  If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

*  Where have you gone Scott Baio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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