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The Mind Of The Yeti: BoSox, Breastaurants and Bubbles!

The Fenway Park sellout streak ended. The pink hats have found better things to do then cheer for a team they know little to nothing about.

I couldn’t be happier about this!

This is exactly the start to the season all Red Sox fans should have been hoping for. It is exactly the kind of team Boston admires and cheers for. The Sox don’t have that one player making $25 million a year. The only way Boston fans root for a guy like that is if he produces. Manny Ramirez got in fights with old men over tickets to games and he would take days off, but he produced so Boston fans loved him.

If you look back over my blogs about baseball last season you will see that I had a very hard time supporting the 2012 Boston Red Sox.

I hated Bobby Valentine from the very start.  I loathed Josh Beckett and the way that he thought about his days off more then he did his days on. Beckett was that guy that was blessed with a God-given talent. If he had a work ethic he would still be one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball because he was just that talented! By the time he was 27 he had two World Series under his belt and if he had worked hard it could have been more. I remember listening to him talk about the 2011 team and how they should win 100 games. Little did we know that team would care more about crushing beers then crushing other baseball teams. In Beckett’s final two seasons in Boston, he was absolutely hated and was the core of a rotten clubhouse.

Beckett was simply the beginning.

Remember what I said about Manny and his big money contract? The fans loved him not because he was a good guy, but because he electrified Fenway every time he came to bat. He was worth the big bucks and led a cursed team to win two World Series in a 4-year span.

Both Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford were never in Manny’s league. To be fair Crawford was never fully healthy in Boston, but he also isn’t half the player that Manny was and DEFINITELY didn’t deserve that contract he now has. Crawford and Boston were just a horrible mix. I remember when I woke up to that signing. I was excited, but I didn’t get it. The Sox were already a very left-handed hitting squad and had Jacoby Ellsbury, that give or take some hits, is pretty much the same exact player Crawford is. It was as if that signing was doomed from the start.

Then there was A-Gon. He hits and no one can argue that, but he shows no passion and Boston doesn’t go for that. We want the “dirt dog.” There was no way Boston was going to cheer for a guy that produced half of the estimated power numbers he was supposed to AND complained about stuff on top of it.

The trade to get those three players off of the Red Sox books was not only great money-wise, but for all clubhouse purposes. The attitude of Beckett was gone and fans were happy about that. The contracts of Gonzo and Crawford were gone and fans were happy about that. The players weren’t “Boston guys,” so I’m sure they were happy to go too. I remember fans (including my brother) saying that we were four or five years away from competing now and my question was, why?

Beckett was one of the worst pitchers in baseball. Look at his number last year and try to argue that. Crawford never played so no loss there. Gonzalez was a great bat that never really lived up to the hype here. A bat that is surprisingly easy to replace and I love how the team made these changes. They didn’t spend a ton of money, but got guys that should be good in the batter’s box and great in the field. Guys like Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, and Jackie Bradley Jr. Adding pitching to the rotation and bullpen like Ryan Dempster, Joel Hanrahan, and what I think was the Red Sox best signing, Koji Uehara.

All good character guys that will play their asses off. They aren’t the highest paid at their position, but they will put in the effort like they are being paid that way. They will say all the right things in the media and fit in their spots in the lineup perfectly. I said it before the season and I will say it again now, this Red Sox team has what it takes to win the A.L. East. They have the best line up when David Ortiz is healthy and their pitching should be good enough to compete against any team in that division.

Last year, I wrote the Red Sox team was toxic (actually Soxic.)  This year I’m saying they will be terrific. They will be easy to cheer for and most fans and “experts” have little to no expectations of this team. The pink hats are gone for now and little do they know this Red Sox team could be the best one they would have seen in a while!

*I’m pretty sure I came up with the idea for Breastaurants when I was in college. Why didn’t I trademark that!?!

‘Breastaurant’ Trademark Registered By Bikinis Restaurant Chain

*I knew I should have gone with Breastaurant over Messtaurant!

*Only Professional Pool Players, Boyz II Men, and Magicians hang out at Vestaurants. I’m sorry, I’m done.

*Headline of the week: World Peace to return on Tuesday!

*I’m so happy that Chris Webber went to the National Championship game. No fans care about what he did. Any smart college basketball fan knows these kids should be getting some sort of compensation for the amount of money they earn for their schools. I was one of the BIGGEST Fab Five fans out there. Webber’s timeout crushed me, but he will still always be one of my favorite college players ever.

*Where was Amanda Marcum during “One Shining Moment”? She was the best moment of this tournament!

*Nerd Boner! “Game Of Thrones” is back and this yeti could not be happier! I also wouldn’t flinch if someone cut off my nipples.

*Tweet Of The Week: @NealBrennan

*What an emotional roller coaster these past few weeks have been being a Bruins fan. Between losing Bergeron, the failed Iginla trade, and then getting Jaromir Jagr it should make for an interesting playoff run. I still think it all comes down to Tuukka. The Bruins will go as far as he takes them. If he sucks, they will suck. I never thought I would say this, but I think Chara needs to play tougher.  I want Jagr’s  Kenny G hair cut from 10 years ago too!

*Josh Beckett Douche Of The Week: Mike Rice for his 11-year-old boy temper tantrums. If you didn’t see the SNL skit making fun of him, please take a minute and watch it.

*Fantasy Baseball Pick-Up Of The Week – Jose Fernandez, SP, Miami Marlins: The guy is 20 years old and is already the ace of that staff. He is a great get if you are in keeper or dynasty leagues! I know he has pitched one game, but I am pitching him in my fantasy league over Ricky Nolasco any day of the week! Like Lloyd and Harry say from “Dumb and Dumber,” PICK HIM UP!

*Fantasy Girl Pick-Up Of The Week: Eliza Dushku. Yes, I know she is my fantasy dream girl every week, but if it ain’t broke!

*Old School Jam Of The Week: What’s My Name – Snoop Dog: Sure he goes by Snoop Lion now, but Snoop’s first major solo hit is still bomb diggity!

*For Red Sox fans they could go eat at Jon Lesterant??? I know, I hate me too.

*Will Middlebrooks is the real deal. I am going to shock Fantasy Baseball people every where (including my man Gonos) when I say I take him over Evan Longoria, right now! I’m just trying to get a rise out of Dave and I don’t care if I am a homer, I love me some Middlebrooks! Wake and rake!

*Notice how I didn’t mention the Lakers? It is because I don’t want to jinx them. I have a BAD feeling they won’t make the playoffs. If they do they will still be the team no one wants to face!

Where have you gone Bubbles the chimp? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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