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Tuesday Trivia – 7.17.12

(By YetiVedder)

Do you have your thinking pants on?  I hope so!  Here is the latest installment of Tuesday Trivia! We all know Tuesday is the most boring day of the week.  Here are some random trivia questions to help you pass some time today. Don’t forget, you do get a prize – last week the winner got my penny collection!  47 cents to be exact!  Who knows what it will be this week?!  Please submit your answers in our comments section below.  Good luck!

1.  Movies:  Which women won Academy Awards as Best Actress and Supporting Actress for their roles in the 1987 film, Moonstruck?

2.  Animals:  In the same way that humans are identified by their fingerprints, dogs are identified by what kind of prints?

3.  World Politics:   After his country gained independence from Britain in 1980, Robert Mugabe became the first Prime Minister of what nation?

4.  Science:  What is the name of the organic molecule that carries oxygen in the blood, and gives blood its red color?

5.  TV:  Which talented young man was not only a Major League Soccer player on the Los Angeles Galaxy, but also a star of the popular TV show Melrose Place?

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