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Tuesday Trivia – 5.29.12


(By YetiVedder)

Do you have your thinking pants on?  I hope so!  Here is the latest installment of Tuesday Trivia! We all know Tuesday is the most boring day of the week.  Here are some random trivia questions to help you pass some time today. Don’t forget, you do get a prize – last week I taught the winner a secret handshake!  Who knows what it will be this week?!  Please submit your answers in our comments section below.  Good luck!

1.  Movies:  What was the name of Marty’s band in Back To The Future?

2.  Sports:  Name the northern-most and southern-most cities having teams in Major League Baseball (whether in the United States or Canada).

3.  Geography:  Which four U.S. states meet at one point, called the four corners?

4.  History:  Which two people signed the U.S. Constitution on 9/17/1787 and later became U.S. Presidents?

5.  Science:  The shape of a DNA molecule is usually referred to by a two-word phrase, one of whose words refers to its three-dimensional spiral shape. What is this phrase?

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