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Tuesday Trivia – 8.21.12

(By YetiVedder)

Do you have your thinking pants on?  I hope so!  Here is the latest installment of Tuesday Trivia! We all know Tuesday is the most boring day of the week.  Here are some random trivia questions to help you pass some time today. Don’t forget, you do get a prize – last week the winner got got to have a sip of my soda!  Who knows what it will be this week?!  Please submit your answers in our comments section below.  Good luck!

1.  Movies –  Which big basketball fan directed the films Malcolm X and Do the Right Thing?

2.  Animals –  What’s the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?

3.  History –  She was the second wife of King Henry VIII and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was convicted of adultery and beheaded. What was her name?

4.  People – Terry Gilliam is the only American member of what troupe of comedic performers?

5.  Sports –  Which baseball team set an all-time record when they lost 120 games in 1962?

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