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Tuesday Trivia – Harrison Ford Edition!!!

Do you have your thinking pants on? Harrison Ford and I hope so! Here is the latest installment of Tuesday Trivia! We all know Tuesday is the most boring day of the week.  We are doing something new with Tuesday Trivia! Every week will now have a theme for every question!!! Don’t forget, you do get a prize – last week the winner got to wash my under carriage!!!  Who knows what it will be this week?!  Please submit your answers in our comments section below.  Good luck!

This week’s theme: Harrison Ford

1.  In what year was Harrison Ford People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?

2.   In 2003 Harrison Ford accepted an Oscar on behalf of this man. Name him.

3.  Name all of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies in which Harrison Ford has appeared.

4.  Harrison Ford’s first on screen appearance was in the movie Dead Heat on the Merry-Go-Round. What did he play?

5.  Ford is one of four actors to play Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy movies. Name the other three actors.

Bonus:  True or False:  Harrison Ford is best friends with the actor that played Chewbacka and they often go out on the town in costume?

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