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Bullet Points About Random Topics, Like Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune - bullet points

Everyone and their dog is getting in on the bullet point game, so what better way for your boy to get back on his game than with a few bullet points? Here goes…

* Wheel of Fortune recently gave away a SmartCar on the show. I would have had to try hard not to punch Pat Sajak if I won that motherfu**er.

* Hands down the best show on TV comedy right now is “The League.” Just a great dynamic all around. Props to Jon Lajoie for going from YouTube sensation to TV star.

* Also, “The Office” has jumped the shark. I actually think it happened when Michael Scott left, but I have been giving it the benefit of the doubt for two seasons … no longer.

* I made cookie dough the other day.  I used half of the dough to make cookies and saved the other half in the fridge to pick at throughout the day.  Now that the dough is gone and I still have a ton of cookies remaining, I regret even turning the oven on.

* For as long as I can remember, my mom has told me to rub mosquito bites rather than scratch them. Now that I’m a father and know how much better scratching an itch feels, I refuse to teach my daughter any other way.

* Rhode Island is the only state in the Union where local small businesses insist on making shitty commercials. Part of me is amused, most of me is enraged.

* Unless you’re a Mavericks fan, which I am not, the past few years have been awful for fans of the Lone Star state.

* The closest I can get to knowing what it is like to wake up from a 20-year coma, is watching “Breaking Amish.” The minds at TLC are superior.

* Either I had no game in high school (and the bitches I graduated with know that isn’t true), or teachers are getting sluttier and sluttier.

* If I had to have sex with an animal, it would be a dolphin every day of the week.

* Stuffing is the best side dish at Thanksgiving, and Pumpkin Pie is the worst dessert.

P.S. If you Google Images “Stove Top” you literally get a bunch of pictures of Stove Tops. You have to be more specific to get pictures of stuffing boxes.

And those are my bullet points about random topics for the day!

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One Comment on “Bullet Points About Random Topics, Like Wheel of Fortune

  1. Virginia Wino
    October 19, 2012

    Bullet Points (Clanking Mugs Guy)! Bullet points are great, for those of use with a short attention span.

    Haven’t got into The League…which is funny, becuase I am a fantasy sprts junkie, need to catch up on the previous seasons and then catch up on this one…

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