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Dumbest Idea Ever: Gigantic Greeting Cards

Dumbest Idea Ever

Somebody should tell grandma she’s holding her enormous Christmas card the wrong way…

I was just watching TV, saw this commercial and felt the need to immediately blog about it. So I literally ran to my computer. Like you, I obviously thought this was a fake commercial. But then I realized it’s supposed to be serious — and it’s the dumbest idea ever. It’s like something right out of a Saturday Night Live skit.

Can’t you see Molly Shannon and Cheri Oteri in this one? Or maybe Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey? This thing is one of those jokes that everyone’s in on except the creator.

Molly Shannon - Dumbest Idea EverI can just picture some stoners sitting in a basement coming up with this idea. “Wait a minute, bro… I got it! What if we just make some big-ass greeting cards?! It’s perfect!”

Who the hell would want an enormous greeting card? A psychopath, that’s who.

And you know who gives an enormous greeting card? A psychopath with a terrible sense of humor.

Seriously, is this the dumbest idea ever for a company? It has to be at least top five, right?

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