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Favorite Cartoons? The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park

Your topic of conversation for this week’s Think About It Thursday. I want to know what your favorite cartoons are.

Growing up we all watched cartoons. I always loved me some Scooby Doo. I think it was because I could relate with the amount of food Shaggy and Scooby could eat, even if they were smelly hippies. Who knew that as an adult I would still be watching cartoons?

What Are Your Favorite Cartoons?

Are you old school? Do you enjoy classic television? Did you ever do the Bartman while telling someone not to have a cow? Then you must be a Simpsons fan. Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, and Homer have been rocking worlds for what seems like forever now, and the show is still very well written and when I watch it, makes me laugh. 

Would I say it is the best of the three up for vote this week? Absolutely not! Just because they have had celebrity voices by pretty much everyone and their mother, doesn’t mean I will be voting for The Simpsons as my favorite cartoons.

Favorite Cartoons, Homer Simpson

I am from Rhode Island. I do know what a quahog is. Buddy Cianci Jr. High School is quite funny to me every time I see it. Peter Griffin singing about the bird being the word makes me laugh every time! 

Quagmire is always great, no matter what he is involved in and I find myself using giggity from time to time. I still think that out of the three, “Family Guy” should be ranked number two. It has overtaken The Simpsons, but I feel like Family Guy is VERY hit or miss. It just isn’t consistent enough to wear the crown as best adult cartoon!

Which brings me to my vote! Eric Cartman is the greatest child cartoon character of all time.  He made a kid eat his own parents as payback! Randy Marsh gets better and better every season. Any dad that starts fist fights at Little League games is okay by me. 

Paris Hilton vs. Mr. Slave in a whore off? Yes please! 

South Park is by FAR the greatest adult cartoon!  It is consistently funny, and ALWAYS pushes the envelope! Whatever that means that is!

SO my question is….  Who ya got as your favorite cartoons?  South Park, The Simpsons, or Family Guy?

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2 Comments on “Favorite Cartoons? The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park

  1. Virginia Wino
    October 11, 2012

    Yeti…think your rankings are spot on. One of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV was the South Park, “Wheel of Fortune” Episode.

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