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Think It Over Thursday! Late Night Talk Show Wars!

It’s 11:30pm and you are getting ready for bed. You have your favorite feety pajamas on and your bed is oh-so comfy.  You pull your blanket up and reach over to the night stand, so that you can turn on your favorite late night talk show. 

In my childhood years, you had Johnny Carson and no one else. Johnny was the king. He was the king until his final Tonight Show. Arsenio tried to overtake him and for a while was very popular. Chevy Chase, Joan Rivers, and Magic Johnson had talk shows for about an hour. They all couldn’t touch Johnny.

When Johnny stepped down it was a two-man race between Jay Leno and David Letterman. I always hated Jay. I hated his stupid giant chin and his horrible newspaper clips. He just rubbed me the wrong way. When it came down to Dave and Jay I was Team Dave all the way. 

Conan O’Brien came on after Jay Leno, and I couldn’t understand why this guy wasn’t on at 11:30pm. He was the best. His show was hilarious and had just as much edge as David Letterman if not more. I still love me some Conan, but there are SOOO many choices because of the amount of channels. Today, I want you to tell the “Fifth Period Lunch” crowd, who gets your vote for best late night talk show!?!

Jay Leno

I think I have made my feelings about Jay very clear. He is like that rash that won’t go away. Conan (who I love) never got a fair shake. If Jay had just said, “Best of luck,” Conan would still be hosting “The Tonight Show” and all would be well with the world. Instead, Jay stuck his gigantic chin into things and got his old gig back. I feel like the only people that like Jay Leno are people that fall asleep with the TV on.

David Letterman

Letterman will always have a place in this young funny man’s heart. I grew up on Dave. I love Stupid Human Tricks, The Top Ten, and I even love when he throws the card and it makes a crash noise. I feel like Conan is Dave 2.0. I’ll always be a fan, but I’ve moved on.

Conan O’Brien

I’m with Coco. He has the best band, the best sidekick in Andy Richter, and the best characters! Triumph will always be the best! Preparation H Raymond, Pimpbot 5000, and The Masturbating Bear makes Conan the best out there today. I’m going to string dance my way on to the next host, but for me Conan wins!

Jimmy Kimmel

I really like Jimmy and if Conan went off the air I think I would watch Kimmel.  He has an edge to his show and I think he is really funny.  I say I would watch him, but I would probably flip between him and Letterman depending on who they had on.

Jon Stewart

“The Daily Show” is hilarious and I would probably DVR it or have it compete heavily with Conan, but it is on Comedy Central like 12 times a day. So even if you miss it, you can still watch it a bunch of different times. Stewart is a fantastic host.

I know some of you are thinking about Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, and Stephen Colbert. They are on at a later time slot, but I will include them in the vote for voting sake.

But for this week.  Yeti is going with Coco! Who’s your favorite late night talk show host?

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