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Mr Clean-Up Doesn’t Take No Orders From No Women

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat, Mr Clean-up is no bigot by the way, he lifts shit up all by himself with no help from anybody. He lifts shit up for old guys, Ukrainian guys and Martians. So what if he doesn’t listen to women. He’s just practicing what all men preach. When I’m around my buddies I talk a huge game, but truth be told, I do whatever the fu*k BluCowgirl tells me to do.

“What sweetie? You need the trash taken out? Done!”

“I’m sorry, honey? You need me to try this lipstick on so you can see how it looks? My Pleasure!”

Not Mr Clean-up … He doesn’t listen to women yelling, he tells them to shut up! This dude is all man.  When he sees a woman breastfeeding in public, Mr. Clean-Up doesn’t just blog about it like some passive-aggressive pussy, he tells her to put her flapjack titties away and then slaps the baby before hauling away a stump for a Vietnam Vet.

And how about this Jeff Brown character, trying to act like a bad-ass for Channel 7 news. Cry me a river you prick! Mr Clean-up dumps his stumps wherever he damn well pleases. If he dumps his stumps on your drive-way, you pick them up (probably with someone’s help) and you go about your day. You certainly don’t go crying to some woman reporter from the local news. That’s the kind of shit that gets you punched in the dick. I hope Mr Clean-up from Warren, Michigan, finds you, tells your wife to shut up and then adopts your son in order to raise him right.

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2 Comments on “Mr Clean-Up Doesn’t Take No Orders From No Women

  1. Gonos
    June 11, 2012

    That guy’s going to be the best grumpy grandfather ever!!! Good stuff, made my morning.

  2. jabroni
    June 12, 2012

    Now that’s a real fvcken man!!!

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