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So That Happened… – 9.4.12

(By YetiVedder)

On Tuesday I have usually only posted trivia.  That simply isn’t enough from your favorite Yeti.  I will now be posting videos that, well, exist!  Every Tuesday you can come to FPL and see a video you simply never thought you would ever see.  This is will be my first post and it is a DOOZY!

MURDER SHE WROTE!!! MURDER SHE WROTE!!!  That is the same thing as crying mercy, right?  Did anyone know that an Angela Lansbury workout video was out there?  Did you know it was called Positive Moves?  Did you know that at times she did the outside of the pool breast stroke? (1:46)

Yes, this happened!   Lotions, nice massages and all!  Watching Ms. Lansbury stretch might be some of the most amazing things these eyes have ever seen!   I would love to list highlights for all the times that are funny, but I would simply list from 0:01 to 7:45!  You’re welcome world!

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