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The Hair of the…Yeti

(By YetiVedder)

LONDON (AP) — European researchers are planning to use new techniques to analyze DNA that could help crack the mystery of whether Bigfoot exists.

In a project announced this week, Oxford University and Lausanne Museum of Zoology scientists appealed to museums, scientists and Yeti aficionados to share hair samples thought to be from the mythical ape-like creature.

New genetic tests will be done on just a few strands of hair and should be completed within weeks. Even if the sample is judged to come from an unknown species, scientists should be able to tell how closely it is related to other species, including apes or humans. (Read the rest of the story here.)

OK!  I get it!  Yeti Vedder is a sex symbol and bitches be wanting locks of my hair!  I know this!  BUT, if you want some of my hair, you are going to have to go about this in a civil way.

1.  You collect it off of the floor from Ron’s Barber Shop in Cumberland, R.I.  Ron is the only barber in the world that can give you a haircut, eat a sandwich and watch a TV show all at the same time!

2.  You offer to cut my hair.  Seriously I am balding and all you have to do is come by with some clippers.  I’m ready whenever you are Europe!

3.  One word:  Brazillian!

I had the nicest Even Flow!  See what I did there?  Yeti VEDDER!

You’re welcome world!  But seriously, I’m willing to donate the hair for a cool million.  I don’t think that is asking too much!

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