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The Unsung Hero

(By YetiVedder)

When I was in high school I planned my life around TV shows.  I knew on Thursdays I needed to be home in time to watch Cheers.  TGIF on ABC was often my plan on the weekends as a kid growing up.  Full House, Dinosaurs, Perfect Strangers and Family Matters were just some of the shows that made me into the man I am today.  I learned life lessons by watching TV.  Whether it was not to hide in a refrigerator like Cherry did on Punky Brewster, or saying no to speed pills like Jessie Spano on Saved By The Bell, TV helped me grow up.

I don’t see that in the shows on television today.  Today, kids have “role models” like Snookie or The Situation teaching them about smush rooms. Kim Kardashian doing whatever it is she does on a daily basis.  How many kids walk around their schools saying they want to be a basketball or mob wife?  Too many for my liking!!!

So I want to give a simple shout out to some of the unsung heroes of my youth!  TV characters that lived life the way it was supposed to be lived.  By being responsible young adults that contribute to the community.  People like:

Cliff Clavin:  Sure Cliff went to the bar every day to see his buddy Norm, but Cliff held one of the most tiring jobs out there!  He was a mailman.  You know their motto!  “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”  So Cliff would pop in for a beer or 3.  He deserved it after working a long hard day!  Cliff Clavin, Yeti Vedder salutes you!

Balki Bartokomous:  All Balki wanted was the respect and love of his cousin Larry.  The guy was a happy go lucky young lad from Mypos. When you were down, he would simply pull out the old dance of joy!  I mean the guy had a dance of joy!  No fist pumping or turnpiking!  A dance of joy!  The theme song says it best!  Stand tall Balki on the wings of our dreams!!!  Balki was a dreamer!  You must try this video game with Balki helping you dream!   Click on the link!!!

Mr. Lynn Belvedere:  How many of us have a butler?  How many of us have a butler that teaches life lessons on a daily basis!?  Mr. Belvedere was so graceful and elegant with his education of the young mind!  One minute he is teaching you not to steal and the next minute he is cleaning the bathroom.  He was Tony Micelli with a British accent.  He was a Charles old enough to actually be in charge!  Stand tall Lynn Belvedere.  Stand tall!

Principal Richard Belding:  I mean the guy had to deal with Zach Morris!  He had to keep A.C Slater in line!  Ms. Lisa Turtle getting crazy with fashion or Jessie being all nerdy and hopped up on caffiene pills!!!  He ran a school and he ran it well!  He didn’t have kids smushing or auditioning to be a teen mom.  He had kids starting a small business inventing zit creams that turned your face maroon!  He always had everything under control.  He was five steps ahead of Zach at all times.   He never went crazy with power though!  He was a mentor, a friend, a principal!

Henry Warnimont:  This guy had to put up with a girl named Punky!  I mean you are just asking for a beating with a kid named Punky!  Warnimont always made everything ok.  He never flipped out when Punky did crazy things in the tree house.  He was always calm, cool, and collected!   Even when Punky did the must, must, must increase her bust, Henry handled it like a pro.  Punky, it will come in time he said.  And of course Henry was right.  He always was!  Cheers to you Henry!!

Carl Winslow:  It’s Officer Winslow to you!  Carl was always a model citizen!  He had the world’s most annoying neighbor and Carl, although annoyed at times, always welcomed him into his home!  He never broke any laws or made poor choices.  He just worked and supported his family, his wife’s sister, and even his own mother in old age.  Even when Carl made a mistake, he fessed up to it!  A value you rarely see anymore!  So thank you Carl Winslow!

Danny Tanner:  The dad of all dads.  This guy gets absolutely no respect at all.  Joey was always funny, telling the kids jokes and being super cool.  Uncle Jessie was the stud, getting all the chicks and riding motorcycles.  I mean Jessie even married Danny’s co-worker!  Danny always kept it real though.  You drive your car into a house?  That’s ok we’ll get through it!  The house is a mess?  Never!  Because Danny always cleaned the shit out of the place!  Where is our Danny Tanner now?  He only exists in reruns, which is a sad, sad thing!

Do you have a television unsung hero?  Please feel free to share them with us in the comment section!

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