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Tommy Pickles – Hero, Legend, Idol

(By TheWayIsHere)

Tommy Pickles was a far better man than I’ll ever be. Plain and simple.

This little tyke had far better qualities than most of the people I’ve met in my life. Thomas Malcolm Pickles should be idolized. He should be a role model for future generations instead of just drifting like dust into the remnants of history. I won’t stand for that!

Here are just a few reasons why TMP was a mountain of a man:

– He was a fearless leader: Despite being the youngest baby in the group, Tommy was always quick to take charge of the situation. Whether that meant making a daring escape from the playpen or finding shelter in the brutal expanses of the backyard, you could always count on the kid.

– His bravery knew no limit: As most people know, Tommy’s courage was second-to-none. Absolutely nothing scared this little rugrat – not evil dust bunnies, not The Junk Food Kid and certainly not that bitch Angelica.

– He always stood up for what he believed in: Some people may call Tommy Pickles stubborn or thick-headed. I call him resilient. Tommy was never one to change his beliefs, a commendable quality indeed.

– He had the patience of the saint: Let’s face it, Chuckie was a whiny little douche. Tommy’s patience with this ginger is the stuff of legend.

– He inspired those around him: Tommy had an incredible ability to inspire the members of his group and challenge the limitations set by their parents.

Tommy Pickles truly is a hero, a legend and an idol. If he were running in the 2012 Presidential Election, you can bet your sweet ass I’d vote for him.

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