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A Black Chick, A Jewish Chick and PS3 Gamer Walk Into a Bar

* My wife always yells at me because I use her towel to dry my arm pits after showering. She does realize that my arm pits are clean, right?

* I keep getting random emails from JDate, which is apparently a site for Jewish people. I am neither Jewish nor single, sooo…

* Where the hell did that black woman on Dexter come from? It’s like, after Mike Anderson got shot, they realized they didn’t have any African-Americans on the cast so they just tossed in this chick.

* Has anybody ever seen a Boardwalk game piece in the McDonald’s Monopoly game? I’m pretty sure there have never been any.

* If Playstation 3 game lobbies are any indication, most of the American population is wicked racist.

* Want to bid on some memorabilia from Curt Schilling’s failed company? Sure ya do!

* It always depresses me when I watch movies from the 1990s and they show a gas station. Imagine gas prices being .95 cents/gallon again.

* Banger of the Week: Loose Lips Sink Ships by A Change of Pace

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One Comment on “A Black Chick, A Jewish Chick and PS3 Gamer Walk Into a Bar

  1. Steve Lavoie
    October 23, 2012

    Good issue but I’m gonna have to start charging you for ideas! Ha…just got for Wooly Bully tonight

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