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Best Video Game Ever – First Round Results

Region One

Not too many surprises came out of Region 1, though we do see the Nos. 11 and 12 seed moving on. The No. 13 seed made it a ballgame, but just feel short in the closing minutes. (Click on the bracket to enlarge it.)

Region Two

There was only one major upset in Region Two, as the No. 12 seed shocks the No. 5 seed. Aside from that, everything else pretty much went as expected. (Click on the bracket to enlarge it.)

Voting begins again on Monday! Be ready!

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2 Comments on “Best Video Game Ever – First Round Results

  1. mommyhatesme
    April 27, 2012

    Who in their right fucking mind voted for CoD over Goldeneye? Shit man, a Cadillac is a nice fucking car but I’d much rather have a Bentley.

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