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Best Video Game Ever – The Ship!

(By YetiVedder)

So we have it down to our last two games – the best of the best! It’s all come down to this.

On one hand we have a legendary Nintendo football game!  We are talking winning with defense thanks to automatic sacks by LT!  Or maybe rushing for 800 yards in a game with Bo Jackson! Tecmo Super Bowl has made the finals!

And in the other corner we have….  with a one-vote victory…  Mario taking down Madden by one single click!  Mario finally felt some competition like he was being swarmed by turtles and having little weird spike guys dropped on him by what most would consider the worst cloud ever!  Madden played strong, but Mario held up his 1 seed!

The Final:  Super Tecmo Bowl vs. Super Mario Bros. –  The battle of a couple of super games!   Are you a sports person?  Then Tecmo takes the cake!  Are you into plumbers saving a princess from a giant lizard?  Then Mario is the game for you!  Well I am a sports guy.  I take Tecmo Super over Super Mario all day!   But don’t let my vote decide this!

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